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We offer courses held for 4 months to teach minds and create artists.This skill development course welcomes students from below poverty line to take up program’s in fashion.This course also focuses on focuses on women empowerment.We believe that art has infinite possibilities and each individual has their journey to achieve their creative destiny. We give students the means to channelize and find direction to their needs.Blending theoretical and practical learning together within the disciplines of fashion this four months, we introduce the participants to the foundation of fashion dressmaking to the latest innovations in the Industry.Courses taught to give students an all-round experience, where students come across new concepts, get a practical insight into the fashion
This course assists the students in achieving their goals, develop the necessary skills with in-depth learning.

Mini Fashion Course:

Key information:
Duration: Four months
Language: English, Hindi, Telugu.
Campus: Alwal Hills, Secunderabad.
Next intake: September 2022.


This module is designed to help participants understand the key components of construction of a garment.
This course will help you consolidate your understanding of fashion design with modules in fabrics, pattern drafting and pattern making, draping to basics of garment constructions.
On the successful completion of the course individuals would be able to develop their signature style and would be able to develop both creative and technical skills and work towards developing collections.
Classes are structured to be small and individually focused with limited spaces for course to ensure students receive individual attention to work towards their objectives.
Students prepare life projects and assignments on an individual and group basis. This allows the students more time for practical work and encourages individual learning and development.

Course objectives
Understand the structure of fashion industry and as well as a strong link between fashion and culture.
Discover what it takes to Make a good designer wear.
Understand the technicalities of pattern making and finishing of garment construction.Understand the power of fitting and finishing of the product, and also how to do the alterations to a dress and a design pattern.

Course outcomes
Creation of a mini portfolio.
Creation of blouses, Kurtis, pants, skirts, frocks, collars, sleeves, seams, stitched sarees, Ghagras, Working with darts, Natural fabric Dyeing, Tie and Dye, Batik, Embroidery,and Block printing.
Customization of a garment.



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