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How to apply:
The application process is the first important step into your admission. We value each individual’s commitment and we will carefully assist and evaluate each application received on an equal basis. We are available for consultation to guide you through each step of the application process as well as answer all your questions, because we understand the importance of choosing the right education as a foundation for a bright future.

Admission criteria for the Seva Center.

Before beginning the admission process, you must check that you meet the requirements, and then follow the admission procedure.
1. Should be able to read and write.
2. Be aged 14 or above by the academic year of enrollment.
3. Only for females.                                                                                4. Should fall under the norms of economically backward class.

Step one: fill in the online application form.
Step two: after your online application form has been selected Fill the off-line form.
Step three: select the time slot for the next four months.
Step four: submit Xerox copy of your Aadhaar card and passport size photo at the Center.

We will then get in touch for the next Steps.

Campus visit
Visiting or campus will be the best way to set your curiosity as a prospective student. As you will be studying in This campus, it can be a great experience to see first hand what this Skill development Center has to offer for you. We will give you a tour including seeing workspace and you will have a chance to talk to the current students. We pride ourselves on giving us students a pleasant enjoyable environment and this is what we would like to show you.
To arrange for a visit to the Skill Development Institute, please fill out Enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible and get the visit arranged for you. Alternatively, You can also contact through Whats App or mobile requesting to visit the Seva Center.


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