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How a programs can help you approach the world of fashion to a multidisciplinary perspective. Based on a careful analysis of social and historical backgrounds, your focus will be on accuracy and attention to details as the key factors for creating garments.
You will be able to choose among a whole variety of careers. These will include: professional pattern maker, Tailor, embroider, fabric dyeing.

At a glance
Language: English, Hindi, Telugu.
Start date: September 2022
Frequency: full time
Fruition: on campus.
Duration : four months.

This four months mini fashion design course under Jeevan Jyothi foundation will give you the opportunity to build up technical skills and carry out all tasks and activities involved in working as a fashion designer. This will cover everything from material selection to full production as you work with the professionals on every step of the process to make your own designer wear.

In This skill development program you will learn how to manage and use all the tools of pattern making and instruction to produce fine garments.
You will get first hand knowledge of the ways to create garments that are comfortable to wear and good to look.
You will also be learning more about pattern making and Tailoring techniques as you experiment with different types of textile materials, understanding how they are processed and the sewing and fitting differences.

This program provides different workshops that focus on specific areas or activities within the Garment construction.

List of subjects covered under this Course

Pattern making
Fabric Dyeing
Block printing.

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